Thursday, February 23, 2012

The countdown to publication continues.   Exactly one week from today, Twelfth and Race will officially be published.   As pre-pub weeks go, this has been a good one.   Last Sunday night, February 19th, an interview with me ran on WVXU, the Cincinnati public radio station.   The interview went quite well, I thought, when it was recorded back in January, to a large extent because when I walked into the interview booth at the radio station, it turned out I knew the interviewer: Barbara Gray.   The name had sounded familiar, but because it's kind of a vanilla-sounding name, I didn't think much of it.  Turns out that this Barbara Gray was the same Barbara Gray who was the assistant director of The New School in Cincinnati, the private Montessori both of my children attended.   I hadn't seen Barbara Gray in 12 or 13 years.   We were happily met in the control booth.  She'd read the novel, asked intelligent, insightful questions.  Okay, there were a few lobs, I admit, but because seeing her after all these years put me at my ease, I felt quite relaxed.  And I think you can hear that in this interview, which went about as well as these things can go.   Here's a link to the interview should you care to listen for yourself:

Yesterday, I was interviewed by Cincinnati Enquirer feature reporter Lauren Bishop.   The article about the novel should run either Monday, February 27th or Tuesday, the 28th, just in time for the Mercantile Library reading on Tuesday, February 28th.    I'm curious to see that article.   Lauren Bishop sounded really sharp, and apologized--no need, of course--for the fact that the Enquirer no longer runs book reviews.   What a world!   Lauren Bishop, it turned out, went to Ithaca College and worked for the Ithaca Journal for 5 years before taking the job here in Cincinnati in 2003.  So I probably read her work during the summer in Ithaca.

That's it for now.  It's a gorgeous early spring morning here in Oxford.  Yesterday, I saw my first purple crocuses, or should that be croci? near the mailboxes.  Daffodils are next.

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